Hybrid Manufacturing

Sodick Adds In-Process Correction Technology for Hybrid Metal 3D Printer

An In-Process Correction system increases the precision of both additive and subtractive processes inside Sodick’s OPM metal 3D printing hybrid platform. 

Video: Offline Verification for Five-Axis Hybrid Manufacturing

Simulation that models the system for machining can also be applied to AM, as well as to a system combining additive and subtractive with intricate machine moves.

Understanding AM Parts Design Will Lead to Mass Adoption of AM Technologies

Adoption of additive manufacturing technologies will pick up rapidly as companies begin to understand how to design parts according to the capability of additive machines.

3D Hybrid Solutions and Multiax Launch Large-Scale Metal 3D Printer

Rapid 2017: The printer integrates metal 3D printing with five-axis machining.

CGTech Adds AM Simulation Capabilities to Vericut

Rapid 2017: The company unveils a new module that simulates both additive manufacturing and traditional machining.

Fabrisonic Technology Co-Locates Additive and Subtractive Elements

Rapid 2017: The company will highlight its recently issued patent during the show.

Ambit Series 7 Heads from Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Enable Multitasking

Rapid 2017: The system supports automatic change-over between seven production technologies.

Producing Big Parts from Small Blanks Through Laser Cladding

The integration of laser-based additive manufacturing with WFL mill-turn machines is enabling the production of large parts in a single setup.

Optomec Partners with Tongtai to Deliver Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Machines

Under the agreement, Tongtai will integrate Optomec technology into a line of five-axis machining centers.

Mazak Variaxis j-600AM Hybrid Vertical Machining Center Integrates Wire-Arc Technology

Hybrid combines five-axis subtractive capabilities with arc-welding head.

Okuma Expands Laser EX Range of Multitasking Hybrid Machine Tools

The machining centers combine laser metal deposition with a range of subtractive processes.

Mazak Integrex i-200S AM Hybrid Multitasking Machine Offers Range of Subtractive Processes

The hybrid machine tool combines laser deposition with a range of subtractive operations for “done-in-one” production.