Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Are Two Different Things

And as AM continues to advance, the differences are becoming more pronounced and more important. 

Where Do I Start with Additive Manufacturing?

Here are a few basic questions to ask yourself before diving in.

Hear Proto Labs’ Recorded Webinar on Choosing Among Plastic 3D Printing Options

SLS, stereolithography or polyjet? The answer depends. Each process has its strengths.

Wanted: Flexible Shops and Open-Minded Pros

AM is more complicated than the hype implies. It needs creative people to advance its adoption in this industry.

What Does It Take to Be Safe?

The number-one thing a company can do to protect its AM investment and not interrupt production is develop a comprehensive safety policy specifically for additive.

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Is the end result of metal AM worth the effort it requires? Students of UL AMCC learn to ask this question at every stage in the process.

Training Center Leader Says AM Affects Many Competency Areas

Established knowledge and skill areas ranging from engineering design through postprocess testing and inspection and even supply chain management all need to be rethought with additive in mind.

Video: Safety Is No. 1 in Metal AM

John Murray of Concept Laser discusses safety, quality and automation as they relate to additive manufacturing for production metal parts.

DoD Utility Identifies Military Legacy Parts That Make the Most Sense for AM

How can the military find the best candidates for additive manufacturing out of millions of service components? It can’t without human attention, but a sorting utility helps to reduce the number to a manageable size.

Caterpillar Leader Urges, Embrace AM for the Right Reasons

FOMO—fear of missing out—is not the right reason. Valid reasons to 3D print relate to cost or time saving and delivering value.

Additive Manufacturing Is Cyclical—Not Linear

The best use of additive manufacturing is in an integrated environment, says Benjamin Fisk of Methods 3D.

Five Training Considerations for Additive Manufacturing

Hands-on courses at the UL AMCC cover factors important for success in AM.