Peter Zelinski


Observations of AMUG 2017

Record attendance for the event this year threatened to exceed the capacity of the venue. Here are a few impressions of this year’s AMUG conference.


Staying Focused on the Promise of AM

For this company, realizing that promise is a long-term undertaking. In the short term, it involves sometimes saying no.

Job Shop

Does Additive Manufacturing Make Sense in a “Subtractive” Machine Shop?

Definitely yes, says this shop—a metal additive part is almost always a machined part as well, and an established machine shop is perhaps the best business to realize AM’s promise for production.


Video: Additive Manufacturing Is a Logistics Solution

UPS discusses its use of cloud-networked 3D printers to provide part-making near the point of end use.


From CAD File to Composite Part in 72 Hours

This Akron company focuses on large-format 3D printing for tooling, including composites layup tooling. Among the advantages are short lead times and adaptability to changes.


Casting a New Light on Manufacturing

3D printing brings new possibilities to a functional part we might have never thought of as a functional part: the rigid cast used to heal bones.

Metal AM

Dissolvable Support Structures for Metal? Researchers Validate This Possibility

A 3D-printed stainless steel part was built using a support structure made of a different metal. No mechanical removal of the support structure was needed. The support was entirely dissolved away, eliminating an often-difficult manual step.


10 Years Producing Hip Implants Through AM

There is already heritage in additive manufacturing. AM is taken seriously today in part because early users such as Lima Corporate have proven it.


Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference, March 19-23

The event dedicated to active industrial users of 3D printing technology will be held this year in Chicago, Illinois.


Video: Escher in Action

“Project Escher” delivers functionality for coordinating multiple print heads to speed the building of big parts. Sections of the part mesh into a continuous form while the heads move in harmony.


Airbus Partition Built in Pieces for Weight Savings

The large component was successfully produced within a limited build envelope thanks to connection features designed into the pieces. Advances in powder-bed build size will permit greater efficiency in producing parts such as these.

Hybrid Manufacturing

Laser Cutting Specialist Develops Large-Travel Additive Approach

For SLM of parts that are multiple feet long, this machine’s build chamber travels throughout the machine area to 3D print the solid part one section at a time.